With The Pest Investigators

For a timber pest inspection, we begin with a pre-engagement agreement, a standard practice nowadays. If any company does not provide this document, this is cause to be wary. This document simply outlines what you can expect from us as the inspectors and does not require signing. It will be sent to you via email and detail the following items such as:

  • The possible outcome of the report.
  • Areas we are inspecting for the agreed fee.
  • The type of inspection the client requires.
After receiving your copy, you can be assured that the information contained in your inspection report has not been passed on to any other party during the inspection phase. We will only provide the information in writing upon deliverance to our client.

If you decide to buy (or already own) the property:
  • It is important to fix any conducive conditions as noted in your report.
  • ​Installation of a termite management system will eliminate your risk of attack.
  • ​Yearly and monthly monitoring ensures peace of mind from the devastation of termites.

 Professional Timber Pest Inspections and Pest Control

We will go above and beyond for you.

Don't let anyone tell you a timber pest and termite inspection is a waste of money. Considering how many dollars you are spending or already have spent on the house or property itself it's a logical move to maintain your home with a professional, licensed and insured timber pest inspection. Second guessing with regards to timber pests is not worth the financial risk. 

Make your future home (or your current one) a defence fortress from pests attacking it.

You don't want to buy a lemon. And you especially don't want to buy a 250k, 350k or 450k+ lemon either. It is for this reason that a Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection is the best value money can buy when you are in the market for a home or investment property.

​If you already own your property, you'll want the best service in town for termites, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, rodents, wasps, wood decay, timber borers, spiders or pest birds.

You'll need a pest inspector who will thoroughly inspect. The Pest Investigators will crawl through the subfloor, scout the grounds surrounding the dwelling/s, knock on walls, use radar technology with the Termatrac T3i, crawl through the ceiling, conduct tests to timbers throughout the property and carefully inspect the property throughout for any signs of pests. 

Your requirements + our processes

We ensure your requirements are well known. Before any arrangement takes place, whether it be an inspection, installing a management system or applying treatment, our processes will not disrupt your life. The following procedure details the overall scope of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection or a termite inspection.
We will check, tap, test and thoroughly inspect all areas of significance with our rigorous timber pest and termite inspections. The inspection phase happens like this:
  • Upon signing of the pre-engagement agreement, we commence inspection.
  • We will provide 100% relevant commentary on timber pest issues in your report.
  • When your report is delivered to you within 24 hours, we will call you shortly after in case you need to clarify anything. We can also arrange access with the real estate throughout the process if required.