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Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments.

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Our Work Speaks Volumes

We will deliver your pre-purchase timber pest inspection report within 24 hours after the inspection, guaranteed. Sometimes it can be arranged to have it to you sooner. We will report to you with information you'll need to know if it is to be the dream home you’ve always wanted and not a horror story. Every termite chemical treatment zone is different, here is a link that contains information you should know when considering your termite management installation. Our specialty is the best pre-purchase timber pest inspection service in Esk with reports that are 100%s relevant and informative with easy to understand information. The diagrams we produce contain the visual information you'll want to see when making your decision  you'll always hear from us with a phone call to clarify anything. What is a pre-purchase timber pest and termite inspection service in Esk? Our pre-purchase timber pest inspection report will cover any cracks/joins or faulty slab edges where termites may gain access, the entire subfloor and/or the roof space where sufficient crawl space allows for it, the timber fencing and retaining walls, sheds, trees, tree stumps, timber decking and of course all internal areas of the premises. We will thoroughly inspect all timbers for signs of timber pests throughout your property.

Real Service, 100% licensed, insured and thorough

The biggest investment any person makes is almost always in the property market, so when you're looking at buying in Esk, you'll want the pre-purchase timber pest inspection service that you can be assured of. By calling 1300 839 916, The Pest Investigators only offer a guaranteed quality outcome in your pre-purchase timber pest inspection service in Esk. We will find any timber pest issues that exist on the property and what you can do to maintain your home from timber pest attack. Our professional pest and termite inspections or treatments are always available for when you need it.

The information you'll want to rely on to make an informed decision is essential when you are buying a home. The investment is far too great for any risks to be taken, so why take any second guesses with biased or second hand information. Our "Straight to the Point" style of reporting and additional advice over the phone make us a worthy candidate when deciding who'll you use for your inspection. Can we just say, if you have found active termites, please do not disturb. Call The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 or email us here and treat them professionally. Building inspections by licensed and insured inspectors can be organized.

Finding the locations of all areas of concern for you to make the right decision for your property .

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The minimum time we'll need for most houses is 2 hours for our timber pest inspection service in Esk.
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It is important to be a pro-active homeowner when it comes to termite management. 

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