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We allow around 2 hours on each site. An important part of our rigorous timber pest inspection service in Morayfield.
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Our Work Speaks Volumes

We will provide your written report within 24 hours of the inspection taking place or even sooner if required. With the Pest Investigators we will make sure you are not buying into a nightmare! If you are shopping around for a termite treatment quote in Morayfield, here is a link you'll want to read and understand when it comes to choosing the termiticide in your quotation. Each inspection with us is individual and as unique as the home it represents.The Pest Investigators specialize in pre-purchase timber pest reporting services in Morayfield and contain a written diagram with visual information for ease of interpretation. We will also follow up with a phone call to further clarify any concerns you may have with our findings. What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection? Our pre-purchase timber pest inspection report covers the following areas and more: joins or possible cracks in a concrete slab where termites may gain access, the entire subfloor and roof space where crawl space caters for it, all internal areas, timber posts, stairs decking, trees, tree stumps and other timber structures on site for the presence of termites, chemical delignification, wood-decay fungi and timber wood borer insects. All accessible timbers will be subject to a lengthy and uncompromising inspection for signs of timber pest attack to your potential investment.

It is recommend to implement our advice after your inspection has been issued for preventative timber pest maintenance. 

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Our location of all areas that are conducive is a major element of our reports. We will determine suspected areas of activity.

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Real Service, 100% licensed, insured and thorough

Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, so if you are seeking a pre-purchase timber pest inspection service in Morayfield, The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 only conduct the best in pre-purchase timber pest inspections as well as termite inspections, termite treatments and professional general pest control services. Our termite and pest inspection services offer you a meticulously accurate inspection of your chosen home or investment property for you to make the right decision in regards to timber pests in Morayfield.

The easy to understand information we convey is presented for the benefit of the buyer as part of their decision making process in buying a property. Timber pest management should never be overlooked. Having the right knowledge on timber pest issues is paramount in deciding what to buy. Our inspections are created individually and are not generated from an app/ template reporting system as we believe they do not allow for specific entry of information. Free advice over the phone is also available. Don't use fly spray on active termites. Just call The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 or email us here and we will get them. Building inspections can be arranged.

 Termite and Pest Control Services in Morayfield

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments in Morayfield, Qld