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If you are seeking to employ a professional timber pest inspector in Murgon, by calling The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 we will rigorously inspect your potential investment for timber pest activity. Our meticulous termite and pest inspection service ensures only an outcome of quality information is achieved when making one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Termite treatments, termite management systems and general pest control services in Murgon are also available with us.

Our old school services is backed up with precise information for you to make the informed choice on timber pest activity for your home or investment property. All reports are generated individually, we do not use application templates as we believe they do not cater for specific information to be entered, all properties are very different. The free advice we offer over the phone is also a very popular service among home owners and home buyers. Please, do not disrupt active termites! Call The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 or email us here and we will arrange a professional treatment, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, not to mention the time saved! Building inspections can be arranged upon request.

A minimum of 2 hours is generally allowed for each job. All properties are placed under rigorous scrutiny of investigation.
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 Termite and Pest Control Services in Murgon

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments in Murgon, Qld

Suspected timber pest activity and it's conducive conditions will be detected and conveyed in your inspection report.

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Our Work Speaks Volumes

Your report will be produced within 24 hours of your inspection taking place, and if you need it sooner, this can also be arranged. We will ensure your new home or investment property does not contain any hidden disasters with out 100% thorough pest and termite inspection service. For those who are seeking a termite treatment cost in Murgon, here is a link that provides information you should know when making your decision. The individual reports we produce are specialized with easy to understand information and always relevant to the particular property you are looking to purchase. They also contain diagrams and visual information for your perusal. A follow up  phone call is always offered to for back-up support, the support doesn't end there, please call us for assistance at any time! What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection? Our pre-purchase timber pest inspection report covers all areas such as, but not limited to; joins, cold joints or cracks in a concrete slab where termites could gain concealed access, the  subfloor, roof space and all internal areas for termites, wood-decay fungi, chemical delignification and timber borer insects. Timber retaining walls, fences, landscaping, sheds, carports and all other timber structures will all be placed under a scrupulous inspection using our specialized methods. The accessible timbers will be tested throughout the entire property.




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Preventing termite activity in Murgon can be achieved by implementing the advice in the reports of our pest inspection services.

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