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Purchasing a house in Toowoomba is probably going to be one of the biggest investments you're looking to make. With The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 our services provide some of the best pre-purchase timber pest inspection services in town. Our other services of professional pest control, termite treatments and termite management systems make us worthy of consideration when you are purchasing a property. Our reporting methods are scrupulous.

We specialize in pre-purchase timber pest and termite inspection services in Toowoomba with our detailed reports containing easy to understand information that will allow you to make the informed decision you'll need to when making such a grand purchase. Second guessing timber pest activity or damage is simply not worth the risk. We do not use the application template style of reporting, we instead produce each report individually because we think it allows us to enter more specific information. Our free advice over the phone is also available to all customers. Call The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 or email us here to make a booking or inquire. Building inspections can also be arranged.

Timber pest activity or areas of conducive conditions will be known with our pre-purchase timber pest inspection service.

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A great termite management plan starts with a thorough 2 hour investigation of all accessible timbers throughout the property.
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An important aspect of any termite management system in Toowoomba is the prevention of conducive conditions.

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Termite and Pest Control Services in Toowoomba

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments.


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Our Work Speaks Volumes

We can get the report to you within 24 hours of the inspection taking place, sometimes sooner if you need it quick. We will thoroughly inspect with our meticulous methods of testing timbers throughout the property so that nothing is missed to avoid the horror movie. For all homeowners or home buyers that requiring a termite treatment quote in Toowoomba, here is a link that should be distributed by all pest control companies to their customers, it is important to consider the type of chemicals you are installing into the soil. Our pest and termite inspection services are 100% relevant to your property where everything timber pest related will be reported on. The Pest Investigators specialize in pre-purchase timber pest inspection reports in Toowoomba and each are as individual as the property they represent. They'll contain a diagram with easy to follow visual information for your easy interpretation of the report and we always follow up with a phone call to clarify anything you need to know. What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection? Our pre-purchase timber pest inspection report covers but is not limited to all areas such as; the entire subfloor and roof space where sufficient crawl space allows for it, all internal areas, possible cracks or cold joints in the concrete slab, timber retaining walls, trees, tree stumps and timber decking will also be subject to a thorough inspection. All accessible timbers will be inspected for signs of termites, timber wood borer insects, chemical delignification and wood-decay fungi.