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Our Work Speaks Volumes

Our detailed and informative pre-purchase timber pest inspection report will be delivered to you within 24 hours after the inspection has taken place, sometimes sooner if required. When purchasing a property, the essential information you need when it comes to timber pests in Yarraman is detailed in our pest and termite inspection services that will ensure your home or investment property does not mimic a horror movie. For all homeowners seeking a termite treatment quote in Yarraman, here is a link each homeowner should read and understand about products in the soil. The specialized pre-purchase timber pest reports we offer are some of the best in the area and are as individual as the property being purchased. The drawn up diagrams provides the visual information with regards to timber pest activity and/or or it's conducive conditions around the property, we also follow up with a phone call to check you understand your report in full. What is our pre-purchase timber pest inspection service? We will test all accessible timbers using a variety of instruments to all areas, but not limited to, the entire subfloor and roof space where sufficient crawl space allows for it, internal areas, timber decking, fencing, landscaping, trees and tree stumps. All sheds, garages, water tank stands and any other timber structures will also be rigorously tested for signs of termites, wood-decay fungi, timber borers and chemical delignification to timbers.


Locating conducive conditions is critical in maintaining your home from termite attack.

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 Termite and Pest Control Services in Yarraman

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments.


The pro-active prevention of termite activity is best used in conjunction with a termite management system.

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Each property gets an average of 2 hours for each pest inspection service in Yarraman. We do a rigorous investigation.
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Real Service, 100% licensed, insured and thorough

The biggest investment anyone is likely to ever make is in property, so if you are buying in Yarraman, by calling The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 we will conduct the most meticulous and thorough inspection possible. Our services of German cockroach control, termite management installations as well as professional ant, rodent, flea and spider control ... it's all part of what we do. Our professional pest control and pest and termite inspection services are some of the best in the area.

We style ourselves in the old school and our service is personalized with easy to understand information for you to stay abreast of any timber pest issues to the property you could potentially purchase. We do not conduct template "app" style reports as we think they do not allow for specific information to be entered into the report. Our clear-cut inspections and complimentary advice over the phone are available at all times for clients. Call The Pest Investigators on 1300 839 916 or email us here and we can apply a professional pre-purchase timber pest inspection service to your property. Building inspections can also be organized anytime.